Thursday, January 31, 2008

Can you see the difference?

Not long ago, I shared with you all the shameful disarray that is my sewing room. I put a link in my sidebar to a flicker photo album with several pictures of the all consuming mess. One of my sisters had the gall to mention to me that she wanted to see pictures of the floor so you all could see the whole story. Sorry Sis, not going to happen.

Another of my sisters left me a comment offering to help me clean it up. Thanks, Karen, but I got myself into the mess and I can dig my way out. In fact, I have been digging all week! I finally gave in and started cleaning when it took me forever to find all of the items I needed to take with me to class last week.

It has been a week long effort, but I think I am now ready to get back to business...after I finish with the honey do list my husband gave me.


Anonymous said...

Jane, you are an inspiration to me. I'm going to go tackle my "studio" right now. Love what you've done. Caroll

Kathleen said...

Wow! Looks great!

Nicole said...

I am TOTALLY impressed!