Saturday, March 17, 2007

UFO Update

Posting progress to date on list items:

1. hole in the barn door quilt(2005)-finished-yea!
2.palm leaf(2005)--layerwd and ready to quilt
3.four-patches and friends(2004)-layered and ready for quilting
4.friendship star quilt(2005)-quilt top, bindings cut, backing ready
5. cancer block quilt#1(2005)-top
7.squishy 2005-blocks
8.Kimono quilt(2006)-blocks quilt-blocks(2006) quilt(2006)
11.nine-patch-blocks and setting blocks(2006)
12.cancer block quilt#2-blocks(2005)
13.hole in barn door #2-blocks(2005) block swap-blocks(2005)
15.autograph wallhanging-blocks(2005)
16.sunbonnet sue-blocks(2005)
17.pinwheel blooms quilt-about half the blocks finished(2006)
18. Jane's mystery quilt-top(2006)
19.letha's lectric fan-fabrics partially cut, no blocks completed yet(2006)
20.grandmother's garden-quilt top(2003)thinking about sending to long-armer-it's a king size quilt
21.double dutch quilt-fabric washed and pattern gathered(2006) in the barn door wallhanging- blocks completed(2005)
23.friendship swap quilt- blocks(2006)
24.block round robin-blocks(2005)
25. mariners compass quilt-(2006)-finished!
26. ostrich round robin 2006- first three rounds complete, fourth round in progress
27.QYW round robin quilt 2006- is now home. Deciding what to add to it to make it larger in size.

Two down, too many still to go. Hopefully I will continue to knock the list down. My goal- at least one finished each month- two would be even better.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Another completed quilt

I finished another quilt this week. It has been sitting on my handi quilter frame since December. It is the first quilt I attempted to do on the frame in a few years. It was not a pleasant experience.
I decided to use a large stipple pattern, and I had a good flow going. Everything looked to be going well, until I got a look at the underside of the quilt. UGH! Eyelashes on all those curves! My tension wasn't quite right, and I had terrible looking stitches underneath. So, I ended up pulling the quilt from the frame and ripping those stitches out. Oh the frustration of it all! Now I know why people said the put a mirror on the table under the quilt frame. I will definately invest in one before I attempt another quilt on the frame. I requilted without the frame the second time around.
What a horrible experience. At least it is done, although certainly not my best work. This quilt is made from blocks I swapped in an on-line quilting group. The swap for this hole in the barn door quilt was probably my favorite swap so far. The idea was to send the center square for your block to each swapper, and they make the block in the colorway you request. I asked for a sand colored background and the colors of the ocean. And my centers are turtles that I stamped onto sand colored blocks. I used a twist setting because it reminds me of waves. I really like how it turned out, even if the quilting is a bit inferior.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I made my deadline with a day to spare

I was a bit worried that I was going to have to give my dear hubby an unfinished quilt. But, I managed to pull myself together and finished the quilt. I used some stitch in the ditch and some free-hand free motion quilting. I think it turned out pretty well. It has certainly been a learning experience for me. Someday I hope to design something extraordinary, but fot now, I am happy with this: