Sunday, April 26, 2009

In a quilting funk

Note: I came back and edited this post to add a picture of the apron and made a couple other changes/additions as well.

I'm not sure why exactly, but I don't seem to have accomplished much lately. I have done a bit of sewing. My bear claw quilt top is finished. Judy called hers "Bears in the Farmhouse", but I think mine needs to be called "I Bear the Long Michigan Winters by Dreaming of Hawaii". The floral border fabric kind of reminds me of leis.

And I have made some progress on my Time to Water quilt as well. This one has taken a bit of thinking for me, as the fabric was purchased with a specific outcome in mind, but I had not marked it or cut it. And since two years (yikes!) have passed since I bought it, I could not remember which fabrics went where in the quilt. Here is a picture showing a bit of progress. I'm working on a flowerpot border for it now.

Since it took a few days to add the apron photo, I have a bit more done on this top. Here is how it looks today as it hangs on my design wall.

I did finish one thing so far this month. It is an apron from the Clothesline Club at our local quilt shop. It's not really my style, so it will probably be gifted to someone eventually. Here is a peek.

My happy scrappy house quilt is still not done. But it is partially quilted, and shouldn't take too long to finish up. There has been a lot going on here, so it won't likely happen this week. This is what I have so far. And yes, it really is still sitting in that position just waiting for me to come back and finish. Someday. Soon. I hope.