Friday, September 21, 2007

Going Pink for October

I know I'm a bit early, but I am turning my blog Pink for October. I want to help raise awareness about breast cancer and the importance of mammograms for early detection. I invite you to click the link and check it out.
badge by Meghan Gerc


Meghan said...

Thanks for using my badge! I was creating the header for my website for October, and while I was in photoshop I thought I'd throw together a little something. I'm glad to know that someone liked it enough to use it on their site.

When I participated in Pink for October last year I had no idea that a few months later my mother would be diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer. This year I'm going to celebrate the month in full force, sharing my story one post at a time.

Kudos on going pink a bit early, I am anxious to use my new header, I might follow your lead and go pink a few days early.