Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have my computer back

I am so happy to have my computer back already. My estimated return date was early November, so it went much quicker than anticipated. The weather has cooled down a bit here, so I am now starting to feel the urge to do some quilting. But Iam still trying to finish up the nine-patch I was working on in May. All that is left is the handstitching on the binding, but I hate that part. So I have been procrastinating. I am also trying to finish up a quilt for my first grand child. Sadly, I have no photos for you yet. But I should have some soon.


kcamou said...

The hand-stitching part of the binding is my least favorite part too. I usually put a good girly movie on that I've seen numerous times (that way I can listen to it while keeping my eyes on the quilt, but still know in my mind what is one the screen) and try to stitch at least one side a night.