Monday, January 12, 2009

Sewing room organization

I am lucky enough to have a room dedicated to my sewing/quilting. It's about 12'x13' in size, and I am thrilled to have it. But I wish it were larger. I have so much stuff that I am constantly battling to keep the room workable. Part of my problem was the result of having to put a large storage cabinet on one of my two walls that have power outlets and no windows. The other
windowless wall holds my design wall. The remaining two walls in the room have windows and no power outlets. And they are foundation walls, so the lower four feet of them bump into the room about four inches more than the upper part of the walls do. Because of this set-up, I have had a constant struggle trying to arrange my sewing furniture so that I am able to get power where I need it. Until now.

This year I got some new shelving units for Christmas. And they are low enough to be placed along a window wall, so I was finally able to move the bulky cabinet out of the room. What a difference that has made!


Teresa said...

It looks great!!! I really like those striped storage containers too. How fun to have a newly organized sewing room.

Anonymous said...

WOW~! Looks great! I bet that was
a whole lot of work... Pat♦

marilyn said...

where did you get those cabinets? I'm looking to start organizing my sewing stuff and that is just what I'm looking for.

Pieceful Jane said...

Marilyn, I can't e-mail you because you are set to no-reply. I hope you check back. The cabinets came from Big Lots.