Monday, March 23, 2009

A flimsy excuse for not blogging

I know I have been neglecting my readers again. But for once it is not because I have no progress to report. I have actually been quite busy lately. Even with my new commitment to care for my granddaughter three days a week, I have managed to make some progress on my quilts. I wish I could report some finishes of complete quilts. But, I have managed to complete a few tops and make progress on another. So here is my show and tell for today. The pictures aren't the best, as the lighting was bad, but hopefully they will suffice.

First up is my OP top. All the boarders are on, the binding is cut and backing fabric is purchased, so this one is all ready to go, once I get a couple other quilts quilted. Yippee!

Next up we have one of my strip night projects. I think I started this one in November or December. I'm not putting any borders on this one, so it is a completed top. But I don't have a backing fabric for this one, so it will just get added to the someday pile.

This was my project for last month's strip night. I feel pretty good about getting this top done before our next strip night meeting. I think this is the only one I have been able to say that about so far. Most of mine have taken me more than one month to complete. I will even admit that I still have one unfinished strip night project from last year. But I am on the fence with that top. I may be passing that one on to somebody else, as it just isn't speaking to me.

And finally, I got the next step completed for my quilt along with Judy project. All the blocks are together and a couple of borders are attached. Next up will be a half-square triangle border and then a couple more plain borders and it will be done too. Phew! It feels good to be making some progress. And I still have another week to finish something before the end of the month. Wish me luck!


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Three days a week with your granddaughter? I know you two are in love with each other already. You are so amazing with babies. And people we love are the most precious thing in life... you have priorities straight if you ask me.

Love the quilts, you are such a talent (let that in). I say that life is too short to deal with things that don't speak to you. Give it away and don't think twice.

Then hug the baby and think about the next quilt that DOES speak to you.

Or that's what I think. "Take what you like, and leave the rest."