Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today I want to wish all the moms reading this a Happy Mother's Day! I hope you get a chance to spend some time with your loved ones, as I will. I will share with you the beautiful flowers I got from my son who had to leave Friday for his summer classes at the university. Thanks, Kyle.


I come from a large family, and am happy to say that my parents are still here with us. As is typical of all kids, I never fully appreciated all that my parents did for me until I had kids of my own. So let me just say "Thanks, Mom!" I know how lucky I am to be your daughter. I always knew I was loved and you were always there when I needed you. What a great role model I have!

My mom with my daughter, Annie, on her wedding day last year. Two beautiful ladies.

And I would like to add another "Thanks, Mom!"to the other mom in my life, my husband's mom. I love your son more than I ever knew was possible. And I know that much of what he is, he is because of how he was raised. He, too, was blessed with good role models as parents.

My other mom

I love being a mom. I cannot imagine my life without my kids. My youngest is making plans to go away for college in the fall. The last to leave the nest. I hope that I did my job as mother well enough. I know I sure tried.

My youngest, Matt


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing some pictures from your family album. Looks like a beautiful family to me and those flowers are just gorgeous.

Your "I Bear the Long Michigan Winters by Dreaming of Hawaii" is great and I love your name for it.