Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back in the groove

I'm starting to get back into my quilting groove. That makes me feel happy. Maybe it is the terrible weather that is helping, I'm not sure. But finally things are happening again in my sewing room. Hooray!

I spent last evening and all day today sewing. I finished a small quilt top that is intended to be a baby quilt one day. It isn't very babyish, in the traditional sense, but it works for me.

Plus I made nice progress on a Christmas quilt. (Sorry, no pic of that one yet.) And I have decided that I will use my favorite Borders on a Roll to help me finally finish Matt's quilt. No more excuses there, once I actually purchase the border papers. Here's a peek at Matt's quilt in it's present state.

Oh, and here is the purse I made last week. I really love it! I wish I had managed a better shot, but I think you get the idea. The pattern is Mini Bow Tucks. I'm excited about teaching this one. I think I have around 10 people signed up to take the class so far. Cool!


a good yarn said...

Love the bag - it's a real sweetie. Your quilts are lovely too. I really like the bright colours. Ann :)