Sunday, October 7, 2007

Apron extravaganza

Friday was my mom's birthday. She can be a difficult person to gift, as she doesn't offer suggestions readily. But I noticed earlier this year that all of her aprons were horribly stained. I found a border print fabric that was perfect for an apron and I noticed there was a pattern for an apron in Eleanor Burn's 'Egg Money Quilts' book. So I got busy and made this for her. It went together quite easily and quickly. In fact, I made one for myself too using a different border print. I can't decide which one I like best. But Mom will get the blue one as she tends to favor blue, and I will keep the red one because I heart red.
But wait! I'm not quite done yet. There was a farmer's market in the town I spent the weekend in. I had fun chatting with the vendors and checking out their produce. But my favorite vendor by far was the sweet older woman who was there selling aprons. She had several plastic tubs full. I just couldn't resist looking through the mix and of course I found one I wanted to take home with me. Plus I really wanted to purchase something from this woman. She was so nice to talk to and told me a bit about the area. She even filled me in on the location of the nearest quilt shop. (Yes, I did go check it out! :) )


Ming said...

lovely aprons! They look yummy!;-)

Rose said...

I couldn't pick a favorite either! You really did a good job choosing fabric and style, because I do like your pattern best. I love making aprons.

kcamou said...

Those are all so great! We are learning how to make simple aprons as our guild program this month. I really can't wait now!