Monday, October 15, 2007

WIP weekend...continued

Now then, where were we? Oh yes, I have been sharing with you the process of my half-yard challenge quilt top. When we left off I had just stitched the very center of the quilt together. But there was still a lot of fabric left to play with. So I added another round.

As much as I liked how the red was repeating the shape the brown had in the previous photo, I decided it was time to square things up a bit in order to make things go a little easier. Plus I like the way the green star shape is accented here. So on to the next round.

This was my most challenging addition, as there were so many different ways that I felt worked well. This is one option that I did not choose to go with. I don't know why. I liked how this looked, but instead I went with the layout below.

I like this enough to leave it be and call it done. But, there were still too many left over pieces for me to stop yet. So I decided to go for one more round. The thing is, while there were many pieces left, at this point I was much more limited in the variety of shapes left. And I had already cut into almost all of the extra strips for shapes I ran short on. So I had to do the best I could with what was left. And now I present my final outcome of the half-yard challenge.

I would have liked to do this one a bit differently, but I did not have enough of one of the fabrics to do it how I wanted. Still, I am satisfied with the end result. And while there are still some pieces left over, I am certain that there are not enough to add another round. This was a fun experience and it was a great challenge.


Rose said...

This turned out so nice...