Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A finish for February

But it's not one you might think. As is typical for me, I jumped to another project before completing the one I was working on. That quilt, blogged about in my last post, is on my wall as a partially completed top. I intend to finish that top tomorrow, if all goes well.

Today's finish was inspired by Elizabeth. She made the cutest little quilts for her dogs. Those of you who aren't pet owners probably think that is a complete waste. But I thought it might be the answer to a problem we are having with our dog, Sadie.

Since we took the carpeting out of our room last week, she is having a hard time sleeping on the cold, hard laminate flooring. And she won't sleep in the new doggie bed we bought for her. So I followed Elizabeth's lead and made her a quilt. I changed mine up a bit and used some blocks that were left over from the quilt I made for our bed. Here's what we ended up with.

I think she likes it.


Teresa said...

OH how cute Sadie is on her new quilt.

Greenmare said...

I read dog eyes, and hers are saying "oh thank you mom, this is perfect, want to share a milk bone?"

Mary said...

She looks very pleased to have such a pretty new quilt!

Erin said...

I am so happy there are other dog lovers who make quilts for their dogs too. I blogged about one I made here
and chip LOVES it!! Sadie looks very happy with her quilt! :)