Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Fish Tale and A couple questions

Hubby and I took a little vacation out of state for a week. I stayed with my sister-in-law near Minneapolis while hubby and his brother went ice fishing in northern Minnesota. They stayed in a shanty out on the ice for three nights- sorta in the fashion of the "Grumpy Old Men" movie. The women were too smart for that. This was the temperature on one of the nicer sunny days near Minneapolis.

Hubby reported nighttime temps got to 35 degrees F below zero. But they had fun. As did we women.We hit the Mall of America, where we got to touch a shark and a ray. And we made it to several antique stores. And of course I had to stop at a few quilt shops.Didn't buy much, but I enjoyed the company.

Anyways, while I was at my sister-in-laws, I used their computer to show her my blog. But my background did not show up on her computer. I can see it as plain as day on mine. So my first question is "Can you see the quilt background on my blog?" It is tiles of the same quilt block on my blog title. I'm curious, since I wouldn't want to go to the bother of stylizing my blog if nobody but me can see it.

Onto something quilty. I didn't think to bring my camera along while I visited the quilt shops in Minnesota. That thought occurred to me after I got back home. Oh well. Yesterday was open sew at a local quilt shop here at home and I took some blocks to work on. I did manage to complete them all. That makes me happy. :) Here they are on my design wall.

Well, most of them anyways. My flannel isn't large enough to fit the final row. But, you can see enough to answer my other question. Right now they are layed out somewhat according to color of the lighter fabrics. But I am not sure I like it this way. So here is my other question. "Should I leave it like this, or do you think I should just have the block placement be completely random? Oh, and yes I know that one of the blocks is turned the wrong way.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

Wow... You went to MN when the Swedish Knitting exhibit was there... I wanted to go. Pout.

I was born in a Minneapolis suburb and have many relatives still there. COLD!!! Sunny more often than here, but the cold makes up for it. Glad you stayed home.

When I read your blog in Google Reader, I don't see the background. Google takes out all color schemes and backgrounds, showing me white pages and black text with blue links. However, if I click it opens up your blog in its own window, where I see the colors and a white quilt center with colorful quilt blocks at either side.

Today it wasn't all dark yet at 6pm. There is hope... I'm so ready for spring!


Anonymous said...

I like the setting you've chosen for your quilt but I'm wondering how else you'd place the blocks.

Of course I had to come to blogspot to see your background and I love it! Scrappy windmills or whatever they are.

Gail said...

I can see your background but it is faint. I was in Minneapolis a couple of weeks ago, we always love our trips to MN, this time we visited the National Eagle Center as well--great place.