Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I got two baby quilts finished :D

Oh, yeah! You read that right. I have two quilts finished already this month. :) I wasn't working quite fast enough to finish them in August. But, both babies these are intended for have already been born, so I really needed to make finishing them a priority. It feels good to start the month on a positive note.


J-fer Rose said...

These are very pretty!

Teresa said...

And they are so colorful! The block in the teal/pink one reminds me of a card trick block. They both are very nice.

ColorJoy LynnH said...

Congratulations. I have not been finishing much lately. I did make a polymer clay bead necklace for myself, something I have not done in years. But knitting? Not so good.

I just recently got a copy of Joy of Sox, a book in which one of the sock patterns is mine. It's a lovely book, well-printed and glossy, with a spiral binding for sitting flat on a lap while working. I'm delighted.

So... I'm doing a test knit of the pattern in that book, and I get to wear them when I'm done. Found a few minor errata, nothing that would make it fit wrong but it's good I'm doing it.

I had the pattern test-knit but this was done quickly by a committee. That is just going to have hiccups.

Anyway, congrats on two finishes already this month. Great job.

6ptstar said...

These are very pretty and precious. Thanks for sharing them.