Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sewing room re-do is done...pretty much

...and I am thrilled! It is so much brighter in there now. There are still things that need to be done before the job is complete. For instance, I need some window treatments. But I am still deciding what I want to put on them.
This is a view of my design wall. While my design wall was down, I made a little adjustment to it. I added a layer of quilt batting between the foam insulation board and the flannel sheet. I like it much better this way, but I think a second layer of batting would have been even better. Just saying.

I moved my fabric stash from these shelves so that I could eliminate a bookcase. It gives me a little more space in the room. My books are organized by topic. For example, all my books of quilt-block patterns are together, all my quilting pattern books are together, etc. The fabric boxes hold completed quilt tops along with their backing and binding fabrics. Now my stash lives under my ironing station. (I love my extra-large ironing surface. It makes that task so much more pleasant.)

The project bins have been moved from under the ironing board to under my cutting table. That space was not being utilized before. During the room emptying process, I noticed that my ruler caddy was able to be hung up. It has always resided on top of my cutting table before. I will admit that it has been bothersome there. Now that it is on my wall, I am hoping my cutting table will be more functional. I was always having to move stuff around before I could do any cutting. (Maybe I'm just wishful thinking on this. It could be I am just too sloppy of a worker and my table will always be a hot mess.)
I have a nice u-shaped work area set-up. It is very workable. My sewing machine cabinet is in the center of the room. It seemed a little odd to me when I first thought to put it there, but it has really worked out great. Especially since the cabinet has a drop-leaf extension table on it.


Teresa said...

It is simply beautiful. I love the soft blue walls and I am so envious of that design wall. You did great with your re-organization. Ah, now to just have all the time you want to spend in there, huh?

Diane said...

Oh it's fabulous! I do the same thing with my ruler holders-sit em on the cutting table-I want to make sure the layout I have now for the room is "for good" and then want to have mine put on the wall too. I love how you've put the empty area under th cutting table to good use! I love a good re-do!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!:)

a good yarn said...

What a transformation! It looks fabulous! The pale blue wall is such a nice touch. Everything looks so organised witha place for everything. You must be thrilled! Ann :-)

Goblinf said...

that's a great redesign of your work room. Thanks for sharing, it gives great ideas for the future (if I ever get a room that doesn't have to double as something else...)