Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm sewing! Really, I am.

Here is what is on my design wall today. A few test blocks for a pattern I am trying. The lowest block in the photo was my first. It didn't go together as well as I would have liked. So I changed the size of the longer pieces in the block and tried again. The other blocks are the result of that change. I am much happier with those blocks. They lie flat and have nice even edges and I have not trimmed anything.
This has made me rethink my two block nightmare quilt. Perhaps what I have with those blocks is not a stitching problem after all. Maybe that is also a cutting issue. I will have to give those another look soon. Maybe there is some hope for that quilt after all.

Here is a peek at what I have been looking at outside my sewing room window. I have a robin who has made her nest under my deck. I look forward to seeing some baby birds. I love springtime.


Diane said...

I like the new block design! and that's great that perhaps you've solved the "nightmere" issue, good luck.
We have a pair of mourning doves trying to nest under our deck. She's hidden in a clemantis vine but just sitting on the 2x4 topper board...I keep telling her the eggs are going to just roll right off, but to no avail.

Pieceful Jane said...

Thanks, Diane. The block is not my design, but I like it too.

Teaquilts said...

Jane the blocks are pretty. You chose the perfect fabrics to showcase this design.

QuiltSwissy said...

I love it. I probably would have thought....oh, too hard.....and gave up!

glen: it will be breathtaking wne you finish it.

a good yarn said...

Your new design is amazing. So geometric. It's going to be a fantastic quilt. I agree - revisit your other blocks. You came up with such a ggod solution that there's very chance they can be redeemed. As for the robin, how sweet! Ann :-)