Sunday, August 1, 2010

Where's Jane?

Here she is, camping with her family....

...lots of family!!!

And watching a sunset with her husband...on the shore of Lake Charlevoix

Beautiful! a wine tasting in the Traverse City area during Cherry Festival

Coloring with markers during a visit from her Granddaughter

Here she is during a long weekend trip to Florida to welcome the newest member of her extended family...Adrianna Carmen. Such a little cutie!

And at a celebration lunch after the adoption finalization with the happy new parents!

Nope, she's not in her sewing room. Hasn't been here all summer. ( No wonder there hasn't been any new blog posts.)


a good yarn said...

You've been having far too much fun to be sewing. Enjoy! Ann :-)

Diane said...

sewing rooms are the most patient of all the rooms in the house.
summer fun=rejuvenated quilter when you return.