Tuesday, October 19, 2010


If you follow my blog, you may have noticed that I have removed the UFO challenge info from my sidebar. I joined a challenge to finish 10 projects this year.

I posted my 10 intended finishes and waited each month for the hostess to post which project to complete for the month. This is the final month of the challenge. To date, I have finished only one of my 10 UFOs.

I have a second partially quilted. So I have to consider this a failed effort. Can there be an upside of this? Well, I haven't really created many new UFOs to speak of either, so I feel like I am ahead of the game. Will I ever finish all of my quilts? I doubt it.

I am even considering giving away a few UFOs. Could my tired old project possibly be someone else's fabulous new quilt? I'm pretty sure I will never finish the quilts shown.


Diane said...

They are very nice projects-but if you really aren't going to finish I suggest passing them on to someone who will. Do you belong to a guild that you could donate the tops to for quilting and charitable donation. (just a thought)

Bethany said...

Those are gorgeous quilts!

All of us have UFO's and you didn't fail. Some of us have more than you..LOL! Don't even feel guilty.

Finish the quilts at your rate of time. I couldn't finish 10 quilts in one year. Some of them have to "baste" while I work out the details of the quilting/piecing issues. Some of them I bought were too advanced for my skills but figured I could do it anyway. As I've gotten better over the years, they are getting done.

Good luck!

Teresa said...

Hey you didn't fail - You FINISHED a quilt and that is always a good thing! If you really have lost interest in some of your ufo's, offer them to a local guild, or the quilts of valor project (they don't have to be red,white,blue) or even on here. You will be surprised at the response you get. I had a stack of Dear Jane blocks that I had recieved in an exchange and then did not want to do anything with them - I offered them on here and got some many requests for them. It made me feel good to know that I had made someone elses day by just giving them something that I was not interesting in finishing.

Vivian said...

As someone who has struggled with finishes, I agree with everyone else -- even one finish is a victory!!!

Re: Lost interest UFOs: You might want to check out Pat Sloan's blog (http://patsloan.typepad.com/pat_sloans_corner/12-ufo-buster-tips/) - Between now and Thanksgiving she is posting her "12 Tips for Busting UFOs". One of her biggies is if you don't love it anymore, get rid of it (donate, pass it along or if there is no other choice, discard it).

Maybe signing up for another challenge might help (see Finn's "Y/E Challenge" at finnleah.blogspot.com or Bari's "Weekly Quilters Accountability" at http://crossroadsquilts.wordpress.com)

Finally, now that you know what you can and cannot handle it might be as simple as modifying your "want to be finished list" . But under no circumstances are you to beat yourself up, maybe the journey is more your focus now than the finishes!!!