Thursday, January 5, 2012

A top finished, and a UFO complete!

I am so excited to be able to post some progress so soon. I finished the top from the Planet Patchwork mystery of New Years day. ( Sorry the photo is so bad. This top is currently hanging over the crab apple quilt that has been on my design wall forever!) I am not really crazy about the outer border, but since I cut it during the prep-work for the mystery, I decided to use it and save the money  a new choice would cost.


And to top that off, I also finished a UFO from the fall of 2010. And this was one that I was thinking would never be completed. It is a weekender bag from an Amy Butler pattern. I had some trouble working with the thickness of the layers on this one. It was quite painful to my hands trying to pin the layers before sewing. It was so bulky, I just could not get an accurate seam. Even after an extensive tear apart and re-sew, I am not really happy with how this turned out. But, I faced it, and I tackled it, and it is DONE! I even used it this weekend. But, I will not be making another. Period.


Teresa said...

Love the looks so roomy.

a good yarn said...

Great finish on the bag esepcially as the shop bought ones are usually made on heavy duty industrial sewing machines. Congratulatins on your quilt finish - those bright, sunny colours are terrific! ann :-)