Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year, a New Start.

As you have noticed, I have been inactive for quite a while. Last year brought many changes to my life. We welcomed two new members into our family- our granddaughter, Grace, and our daughter-in-law Crystal.

   Crystal on her wedding day, holding her niece Grace

 And I began watching Grace part-time while her parents are working. This has taken away a great deal of my free time. So quilting has been ignored. That is why my design wall still looks like this.

    Trees on design wall, some rows are sewn together

    But yesterday I was able to participate in the planet patchwork mystery. And this is what I have up to this point. Not finished with the top yet, but almost!

 I am embarrassed to have to photograph it on my sewing table. That tree quilt has been up on the design wall far too long! My goal is to have both tops completed this week. (It could happen, really.)  I hope to be doing much more quilting and posting this year.

If you want to see more design wall inspiration, hop on over to Patchwork Times and check out the links.


Quilty Conscience said...

I had to said "it could happen". I've said those same words to myself. I STILL love the tree quilt. Lots of work in that one. Toni

Nann said...

I made Crabapples last spring -- it's one of the 30+ in my box of flimsies. One of my 2012 goals is to get at least half of them quilted. (Though I don't know which half Crabapples will be in. )

I like the colors for your mystery quilt!

a good yarn said...

What a wonderful diversion - a beautiful baby and a wedding! It's nice to see you sewing again and on such a nice projects. Welcome back! ann :-)

Rabid Quilter from CA said...

I love all quilts with trees and yours is going to be great! Happy New Year--wishing you a wonderful 2012

Teresa said...

You have a lovely daughter in law and adorable grandbaby. The picture in the prior post just makes me want to tickle those chubby baby legs - what a cutie.