Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Handi quilting

I am in possession of one of the original Handiquilter frames. My mother bought it at the AQS show in Paducah the first year we saw it there. She had it set up in an extra bedroom at her home. She used it a few times, but can no longer handle it, due to back and knee surgeries. So, last winter I had my husband transport it to our house.
In the process of moving it, he managed to lose two of the three poles and cogs. They flew from the bed of his pick-up truck out onto a busy expressway. He felt it wasn't worth the risk to himself to try to recover them. I was fortunate enough to get replacement cogs from the company, and with some poles bought at a home improvment store, I managed to get the frame set up. It has taken me until just a couple of days ago to finally load a quilt onto the frame.
With my set up, I think I will best be able to handle lap size or twin sized quilts. The quilt I have put on the frame is lap sized. I have just a standard machine on the frame, so I am opting to use an all over scallop pattern for the quilting. I have traced a quilting stencil to use as a guide to follow. I hope it works out ok, asIhave several other quilt tops of similar size thatI would love to finish into quilts.