Tuesday, February 6, 2007

I've been snowed in- great for quilting progress!

It has been quite a weather week here. We had blizzard conditions this weekend and now we have wind chill advisories. Schools have been closed the last two days, and churches were closed on Sunday. Even the malls were closed for a time.That left me with plenty of time for working on quilty things. :)

I managed to complete my third round of the ostrich round robin- dreaded applique and all. Considering I am still learning to applique, it looks pretty good. I do need to be shown just how to get those nice sharp points using needle turn techniques, as mine are rather blunted. But, I am happy with the results for now.

I also finalized my design on a quilt Iam making for my husband as a birthday gift. He is an avid fisherman, and loves going out on Lake Michigan in his boat. So I am making him a fishing themed quilt. I took a class a week ago on making a mariner's medallion. I thought it would be perfect for Dean. But, it was only wallhanging sized when the class was over, so I decided to add to it with my own design. Here is a drawing of the quilt as I designed it in EQ6. It depicts his boat and the
channel and light house at Grand Haven, the area where he does most of his fishing. The lighthouse will need to have a catwalk added to it, but Iam still working out just how I want to add that in. I have already finished several of the blocks, and hope to have the entire quilt done in a month. Wish me luck with that one!