Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More on The Quilter'sSkip

I wrote a bit yesterday of my participation in a Quilter's skip. It was such a good time. I really do love a good roadtrip. I have sorted through my purchases and the freebies each shop hands out and taken a couple pictures. Today I am going to offer a peek at my new aquisitions.

At the first shop, I got my tote bag which included a packet of Thangles (for making the skip quilt) and a passport for each of the shops to stamp. But somehow my bag was minus the map and directions to the shops. The shop owner suggested I could probably get that at the next stop, I would just have to ask. Yeah, right.
I discovered last night that was not the only thing my first shop forgot to include. She also failed to give me a copy of the block patttern her shop was doing for the skip. It is of course the only one I am missing other than the one for the store I have yet to visit. ARG! Lucky for her, she saved herself by offering a bit of chocolate and an ice cold bottle of water with a nice little bottle cooler wrap for it to boot. That came in real handy later in the day.
But I was only ever able to snag a shop map ( sans directions to the individual shops). And I asked at several of the shops. That was a bit frustruating. It was a good thing I am an experiened road tripper and can find my way just about anywhere. Here is a looksie at the give-aways from the shops along with the tote and passport. I will hand the passport in at the last shop I visit. There is some nice stuff from some of the shops. Besides the water bottle wrap, there is also a nice glasses case, several fat quarters, some charms, thread, a lint brush , tape measure, and a wooden iron , a package of hand sewing needles, and a quilt label. Almost all of the shops offered bottled water and some sort of sweet snack. Yummmm. chocolate. :)
Among the items I purchased are a bucket of red and white fat quarters, some teal fat quarters(eleven for ten dollars- what a deal!), some thirties prints, a wool pincushion kit, a Moda charm tin (Summer in the City) and a quilt pattern that was on clearance. I also got a wallhanging kit that seems to have been left out of the photo. Hmmm...maybe Iam still a bit sleepy.