Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Sweet Little Treat

This month I started offering a group project in my MSN quilting group. I post a weblink to a quilting project and anyone can try it. My patriotic pillow from my last post was the first of these projects. The purpose for doing this in my group is that I have many less experienced quilters. This offers an opportunity for them to try something new on a smaller scale. With several people working on the same project, there should be plenty of help for those who may need it.

I have my group project for July chosen. It is a cute little mini quilt from block central. I like that it uses paper foundation piecing for the blocks, which are very simple. I know many in my group have never tried this technique, so I hope they will take a chance to expand their abilities. I made the quilt this week, just to test the difficulty. It turned out to be a quick, easy project. But I wish I would have taken the time to pin the rows together carefully before I stitched them, as my seams do not match up perfectly. Oh well, I really do know better than that. Still, it turned out pretty cute.