Sunday, July 22, 2007

A charming pillow

When my boys were in elementary school, I taught them to sew. They each made a quilted pillow using the sewing machine. The pillows had rail fence blocks and were bright and colorful. And the boys did a rather impressive job too.

They were both very proud of their accomplishment and they gave those pillows a place on their beds. Their pillows were used every night. They went along with us on family trips. They even went along on boyscout trips (one son took his pillow as he backpacked on the Appalachian Trail, the other took his while hiking in the Rocky Mts). The beloved pillows were used and abused, and are now plum worn out.

So it did not come as a surprise to me when one of my now college aged sons mentioned that he could really use a new little pillow. (They have actual bed pillows, but for some reason, they prefer the small throw pillow size.) But he thought maybe this time I could make it for him, since I am so fond of sewing and quilting.

I had a nifty charm tin of Moda fabrics (Summer in the City) that I picked up earlier this summer. I used them to make a modified version of the quilt that is featured on the tin- the directions came in the tin along with the charms. The quilt made up to a perfect throw pillow size, so now my youngest has a new pillow. The best part is that I still have nearly half the charms leftover! I think I will make another pillow for me. :-) I just love this fabric!


Sonnja said...

What a beautiful pillow you made.

Sonnja from the Netherlands