Monday, July 23, 2007

Mailbox love!

Today was a busy day. I went to my LQS for the second class of the Thyme to Water quilt. I was really feeling the Monday vibe, as I made many tiny mistakes all morning. What a drag it is to waste time unsewing. This is a picture of shop sample, still in progress.

After class I stopped to visit my mom. She is alone for the week, and I thought I should check up on her. She wanted help picking out some fat quarters for a project she will be making next June. Yes, you read right- next June! Almost a year away. As it turned out, she needed twelve to coordinate with a focus fabric, and she had only ten that complimented it. So we took a little trip to her nearest quilt store and picked out a few more fat quarters. After all, we wouldn't want to wait until the last minute. ;) And I'm not complaining, since any day that has a visit to two quilt stores can't be all bad, can it?

When I got home, I found a package waiting for me in my mailbox. Oh goody, I love getting packages. :) I opened it to find it packed full of quilty fabric love. I swaped an orphan block with my friend Laura, with the intention that we each take the block we receive and make something special for the other person with it. Today I got the finished item Laura made with my block, plus several other goodies.

I should probably explain that I sent Laura more than just my orphaned block. I sent her several old blocks made of vintage fabrics. I also included a double wedding ring quilt top made of feedsack fabrics. These items were given to me by my mother-in-law. She picked them up at a yard sale for a buck for the whole lot. I kept a few things, but I know that Laura loves these types of quilts and fabrics. And I have plenty to keep me busy already. So I decided to share the love.

Anyways, back to my package and the wonderful items inside. Laura took my orphan block, plus a few of the other blocks I sent and turned them into a sewing machine cover. I just love it! What a great idea she had. But, that is not all. She also made me a few hotpads with some more of the blocks I sent her. And as if that weren't enough already, she also sent me a bundle of feedsack charms in an old salt bag along with a pattern to make a mini quilt! It is a vintage fabric quilt kit, so to speak. How cool is that!? I am feeling like I won the mailbox jackpot today.