Thursday, July 19, 2007

In a funk

This past week has been unproductive for me quilt wise. I have accomplished almost nothing in fact. I have been caught up in a funk that just won't let go. Times are getting tough here in Michigan. The local economy is really suffering.

Home foreclosures are increasing and we are seeing so many small businesses fail. Last week we watched a good friend lose a franchise business that he had been running for 28 years. That is when the funk set in.

I had no idea it would effect me the way it has. Maybe it is because we run a small business. And so do many of our close friends and family members. But at least the weather has been nice.

I did go to my wooly flower class this week. I spent a good deal of the time chatting with the quilt shop owner and also the class teacher, so I didn't make much progress on my latest block. I chose to work on the easiest of the remaining blocks this month because it is summer and I want to spend some time enjoying the outdoors.

And speaking of enjoying the outdoors, the pictures that are shown today are from my yard. I thought I would share a glimpse of my flower beds and the many flowers in bloom right now. The swing is one of my favorite places to relax and read in the summer. It was a gift from my husband on my 30th birthday. It is a little worse for wear, but still holding up well enough.