Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, I survived Christmas, but I have to say I feel a bit like this Santa looks. I would really like to hibernate for a while; I'm so tired! But it was a great Christmas, and as of yesterday all of my Christmas gatherings are done. I hope you were all as blessed with joyful gatherings and good fellowship on Christmas day. Now things can start falling into a normal rythm around here again.

I have started yet another quilt project. This one is an attempt to use up some leftover strips from my son's compass star quilt I made last year. I am not done with the design process, but have started stitching anyways. I thought it would help me judge if I have enough of any particilar fabric in the project. I am making another lone star type quilt. Here is a sketch of what I have so far. I have not chosen a background fabric yet. In fact, the blocks surrounding the star will likely be pieced. I'm still working all that out. But whatever I use will be from my scraps or existing stash, as that was the whole point of this quilt top. For now, I have all the diamond sections stitched.

I think this will need more borders added, as it is not going to finish large enough as it is. That is yet another design feature I need to concentrate on. My youngest child has expressed an interest in this one already, so it will likely be for his bed when finished.