Saturday, April 12, 2008

Who blabbed?

Ok, so Imade it to my first check in point without too many interruptions. But I want to know blabbed about my sewing day?! I was just starting to make Flo (my spiffy featherweight sewing machine) hum when my daughter showed up. She needs to use our computer and printer to print off her wedding invitations. She is getting married in June. My bet is that she will need help setting the printer up correctly. Guess who will have to help?

I have finished all of one type of block for my Tisket A Tasket quilt. And I have everything ready to go to assemble the other blocks. With some luck, I will have all my blocks completed today.


Vicky said...

I love your white featherweight. I've got one in a closet that I've never turned on. Your blocks look great!