Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wish I had time to sew

For those of you who check my blog regularly, I apologize. I know I have not posted much lately. The thing is, I just haven't had time to do any quilting. And what I had accomplished I had to keep secret until today. The voting period is over for the quilt challenge I participated in, so now I can share it with you. I shared the link to the forum where it was posted in my last post.
My quilt was number one.
I call it Turtle Moons.

It was inspired by a quilt made by Jane Sassaman that was featured on a Fons and Porter show. Her quilt was called Suns and Moons, and features layers of circles and rings. I was intrigued by the techinique and wanted to give it try. And this was what I ended up with. It was alot of fun to make and I like the end result.