Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Which one?

After giving it some thought, I went back and played a little more with my nine-patch designs some more. I thought maybe it would look better if I swapped out the placement of the rows. Here is the way I last posted this quilt design.

And this is after I switched it around. This way makes the light blue grid look complete. Which is better?


Rose said...

I like the first better...a lot better in fact. But I would gladly take either one if offered to me. Or be proud if I made either one.

Teresa said...

I like the second, LOL. How about trying a light blue border around the first one before the darker blue?

Robyn said...

Very hard to choose Jane, but I think the 2nd is a smidge in front for me :c)
Good luck deciding!

Rose Marie said...

Love both designs, but #2 does it for me. I agree with Teresa about a light blue border (same size as the rail fences)and then your outer border.