Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm back!

Holy cow! I have been such a bad blogger lately. I have recently returned from a family camping trip in beautiful northern Michigan. And while I did remember to pack a bit of quilting, I never actually managed to pull it out over the course of my vacation. Instead I spent my time enjoying the company of my family as well as the great outdoors. And I took a couple side trips to the local quilt shops. But all I bought was a charm pack of fabrics and a binding tool.
I hope to get back to the quilting soon, but tomorrow I have the second round of lumpy underarm removed. So I will probably not be able to do much again for the next few weeks. At least the incision from the first round has healed nicely and is no longer painful.
In other news, I need to start planning a baby quilt soon, as my son has informed me that I will be a grandma before the year's end. Holy crap, that makes me feel old.


Teresa said...

Congratulations on a new grandbaby on the way. My son and his wife told us Sunday that we will have on in late February or early March!