Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Intentions, but...

This weekend there were a couple of on-line quilt events in which I was interested in participating. Bonnie is hosting the old tobacco road mystery. And Judy has been posting some directions for an easy quilt she designed. Both quilts looked like a good way to put a dent in the scrap bin/stash. But, before hubby took off for a fishing weekend, he made me promise not to spend my time holed up inside if it was nice outside. And it has been absolutely gorgeous this weekend. So, I have been forced to abandon those plans, which is probably for the best anyways. I already have way too many UFOs .

Of course, I am still suffering from a terrible case of insomnia. I nap in the sun all afternoon, and am awake most of the night. Actually, I kinda feel like I have my days and nights mixed up. So I have spent my normal sleeping hours in my sewing room, quietly adding borders to more quilt tops.

This one is still waiting for more borders. I really want to add something similar to the border on the top pictured below. It was made by Caroll, who was my teacher while I worked on the applique blocks in the quilt top above. (I hope you don't mind me sharing your photo, Caroll.) I am not really sure how to proceed with this type of border, so it may take a while to finish. Especially in my sleepy state.


Teresa said...

Pretty quilts. Sounds to me like you are having a lovely weekend.

hetty said...

I just found your blog and am I ever excited about that! Your quilt tops are great! I especially like the flower one that still needs a border. To me it looks great already!