Monday, December 28, 2009

Final design wall Monday of the year

These blocks are part of Bonnie Hunter's Carolina Christmas mystery quilt. I had more parts completed, but I am currently in the process of redoing them.

Broken dishes blocks that have been unstitched.

Mine turned out mis-sized. Even though Bonnie clearly stated in her instructions the importance of checking to be sure your units were coming out the correct size. I guess I thought she was directing that to those who are less experienced quilters. My mistake.

I've found that pinning actually helps get a more accurate finished block. Who knew?

I suppose doing piecework in the wee hours of the night when you can't sleep isn't such a great idea. But what else was I supposed to do for the 12 nights hubby was away at deer camp? I thought it was a great set-up. I moved a sewing cabinet into the living room where I could watch movies as I sewed. Seemed like a great idea at the time. In hind sight, maybe not.

These will need to be pinned too.

I will say, I like what the finished quilt looks like on Bonnie's site. But I think I will change out the final border when I get that far.

Oh, I did manage a couple more finishes this week. My little laundry wall hanging is done. I think it will actually end up as a doll quilt.

My other finish is another purse. I think it will be good for spring.

If you want to see what other quilters are working on, check out Judy's blog.


Tamera said...

I love the little bag!

I'm thinking about doing Bonnie's quilt in Black and White and Red.

Quilter Kathy said...

Your blocks are looking great! I plan to make some progress on this quilt this week.

Antonija said...

Jane--I love that bag; especially the fabrics. Also--the laundry WH. You do beautiful work. Even though I see you post on the QYW message board, it's really fun to read your blog and see how you handle the day-to day challenges all of us quilters have (no time, late nights, etc.)
Good luck with your Bonnie Hunter quilt. I briefly thought of doing that one, but my UFO list is way too long already.
Take care!