Monday, December 14, 2009

Not exactly my design wall...

...but here are the things I've been working on. First up is a finish! This is my version of Judy L.'s Bears in the Farmhouse quilt. I am very happy to be done with this one. I am giving this one as a gift for Christmas.

I still have one more quilt to finish before Christmas. I know I'm cutting things close, but these gifts were actually afterthoughts. I'm not organized enough to think far enough ahead to have already finished gift quilts. It's just not how I roll. And I usually work well under pressure, so I am confident this will be done in time as well. It's all pin-basted and ready to quilt. I even have a quilting plan decided. :)
And finally, I am working on this wall hanging. It is a pattern from Darlene Zimmerman's Clothesline Club. I was having a hard time finishing it as the pattern suggested. (I imagine a few of my loyal readers are detecting a pattern here. It seems I just cannot make a quilt exactly like a pattern shows.) She scalloped the outside edge on her quilt and did not have prairie points. I left my outer edge straight and added the prairie points instead.

I don't anticipate having anything new on my design wall for the rest of this month, seeing as Christmas is almost upon us. But, you never know.

To see what other quilter's have up on their design walls, check this out!


Quilter Kathy said...

You have been busy! I really like your bears in the farmhouse quilt! I wish I would've made this one!

Gail said...

I love seeing all the different Bears in the Farmhouse quilts, the fabrics make such a difference. Yours is soft and cozy looking, I'd love to curl up in it! I hope the person you give it to gives it the love it deserves.

a good yarn said...

Wow, you have been sewing up a storm! Your quilts are lovely. Merry Christmas, Ann :-)