Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where has the month gone?

I just can't believe this month is over. I have accomplished nothing on the quilting front. My February ufo is still unfinished. My March ufo was not even touched. In truth, I did take it out to look at it. But my daughter wants to give it as a gift and we decided that I needed to make it longer. I got a bit bogged down with how I wanted to do that. :( I think I have a plan of action now.
I'm still working on the bow tie top. I am adding the borders. We have had some gorgeous weather and I have not wanted to sit in my basement and sew. So it is slow going. And about to get slower. My sewing room is going to get a new floor and a coat of paint over the next couple weeks. So I will be pulling everything out of the room this weekend. I guess I had better get those borders on now.


a good yarn said...

You musn't worry. Some months you get loads done so I guess that makes up for months like these. Your sewing space will be all the better for a new floor and coat of paint. Make the most of the lovely weather. Ann :-)

Diane said...

don't feel bad, it's not a competition, some things take longer and being outside is a must when the weather is nice-lucky you getting a update in the sewing room-I'm sure it will be worth the mess