Monday, April 30, 2007

BOM fever

This seems to be my year for block of the month quilts(or BOM for short). I don't know why they are appealing to me so much lately, but I have several in the works. My applique blocks are being made as a block a month as part of my class. And I joined a buck a block program at another local quilt store. In addition to these two that I am doing I also am making two others that are being run on websites on the internet. All are very different from each other and I really like the variety.Plus I don't feel too much pressure as I need only make one block each month. But, I wonder if a year from now I will have four new quilts or simply four sets of completed quilt blocks. Or possibly four incomplete sets of blocks. Time will tell, I suppose.

Today I will share the blocks I have completed from Debbie Mumm's website. The quilt is called garden favorites. This first picture shows the blocks for January, February, and March. The second picture is the April addition. This quilt wont be very large, so I imagine I will probably add some type of borders or maybe add some sashing strips between the blocks.

And if you are interested in making this quilt, here is the link:


Pieceful Jane said...
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computerpeach said...

very cute blocks - I especially like the frog; but I am partial to frogs :D