Thursday, August 16, 2007

Gravel in the toilet is not a good thing

I feel like I just can't win these days. It has just not been my year healthwise. I don't know why it is all hitting me now, but I sure would like a break. In March I had a hysterectomy. It was a hard choice, but the right one. And I can say that it actually has helped me to feel better. But in the pre-surgery process, I was put on meds to control high blood pressure. Bummer. And at the post surgery check-up, they decided I needed to stay on the meds-big bummer.

I just wish that were the end of it all. But it isn't. Since late March I have had yet another health issue show itself-kidney stones. Three separate episodes since March. Ouch! I am still sore from the latest stones, which passed last week Monday after an extremely painful and difficult day Sunday.They don't look like they would hurt so much, do they? These stones have been sent to a lab and analyzed so that hopefully we can find out what is causing them. I suspect my BP meds might be a contributing factor, as they have all happened since I was put on the meds. I also suspect there are more to come, as I am still having the pain. Enough already!


Kathleen said...

I feel for you. Ouch. I am cringing. DH has had these several times. Drinking LOTS and LOTS of water is what helps him most.