Sunday, August 12, 2007

Orphan Block challenge complete

A while back I told you all about an orphan block challenge I am in. I had received back my block in it's new and improved form. But I hadn't completed my friend Laura's block yet. Well, I have finally finished it. Whew! Unfortunately, I did not have the thought to photograph the "before" block for you. So I will show you this glimpse of the completed project so you can see what her block looks like. Laura's block measured around 11"x24" when it arrived.

I was stumped as to a fun way to utilize it. Things like a table runner or wallhanging came to mind, but they just didn't seem very creative. I also considered making a neckroll pillow with her block. But that still didn't seem special enough.

I started browsing websites for ideas and came across a couple that spoke to me. But I wasn't sure the block was really suited for the project I wanted to make. It was definitely not the right size. I would need to do this without a pattern or instructions. It was time for some serious creative thinking.

I think I was successful in the final design. Hopefully Laura will like it. I think it should be quite functional.
This is the front:

And this is the back:

And finally we see the inside of the quilting caddy that I made. I have placed some quilting notions inside to help you fully picture it. There are lots of pockets in various sizes. It will hold a small rotary cutting matt, a 3x12inch ruler, a 1x6inch ruler, a rotary cutter, scissors, marking pencils, a thimble, needles and even a book or magazine. And it all folds up into a neat little tote to carry away.


dreemryter said...

Very cool. Very creative!

Linda K said...


I love it. You did a very great job. I know the recipient loves it also.

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Great project. I'm just checking on the pay-it-forward answers I got on my blog. How is yours coming along?