Friday, November 2, 2007

Do you sew for the holidays?

I love sewing and doing crafty things. And if I can incorporate my crafts into a gift for someone, all the better. I love the idea of giving homemade gifts for Christmas , but the reality for me is usually store bought. This year, I hope to make a few things. I have found some inspiration here. They are featuring thirty days of gifts to make, just in time for the holidays.


ColorJoy LynnH said...

I have several of your hand-crafted quilted items from previous Christmases. The star wall quilt is where I see it as I first enter the house.

And the frog quilt pillows? Last Sunday my friend April and her daughter Isabel sat on them on our kitchen floor while we had a "picnic" and drank tea. (The blanket we used ws specially made for me by my brother's wife, Diana.)

The pillows usually live on the couch but they were moved to the high honor of tea with a toddler. The best.

While we had tea, I colored the child's fingernails, each with a different nail polish. We both loved it!

At least from this person's perspective, your hand-created gifts which I lucked into getting, were some of the nicest, most thoughtful and most lasting gifts I've ever received.

However, I am the first to suggest that you be selfish and only do handwork for those who really appreciate it. In your family this is not really a big issue, however! Artfulness seems quite celebrated in this clan.

Hugs, Lynnie

kcamou said...

Thanks so much for sharing this link! I'm sure I'll find something great there!

kcamou said...
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Lil D said...

I think that list will probably be my inspiration for next year's gifts at the rate I'm going! I think I need to start in July...