Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ok, to continue on, let me say this. I did not use quilt shop quality fabrics in this quilt. I bought what was cheap, as that is what I could afford. And I did not know any better. I do now. I would like to strongly encourage all of you to purchase the best quality fabric you can afford for making your quilts. If you are going to put the effort into making a quilt, you will want it to last.

As for what I did right about this quilt, well, I like the color combination. And I made it! That in itself was a huge accomplishment. At the time I had three kids between the ages of seven and three and I was also running a daycare in my home. So I was a busy woman.

And the reason I know that the above information is true leads us to another thing I did right. I personalized it with a label of sorts. Since I put the year on my label, I know how old this quilt is.

And if you are curious but can't make it out it says:

For Kyle

I love you.


JAB 1992

Which I will admit is nothing too fancy, but not too bad for my second quilt ever.