Monday, November 26, 2007

It's a mystery

Yesterday I participated in an on-line quilting mystery. If you have never done one before, they are hosted by quilt shops on the internet. They provide instructions for the construction of a quilt top, but they break the pattern down into steps and post only one step at a time at specific intervals. The design of the quilt is not known to us until we are done with the piecing at the end of the day. (That is the mystery.)

Fabric requirements were posted on-line in advance, as well as cutting instructions to allow quilters to be prepared for a day of quilting. And I was all set. I pulled some fabrics from my stash and had my fabric washed, pressed and cut according to directions given. I was really excited about a day of sewing as well as the opportunity to try something unknown.

Everything started out great. The first few steps went by quickly. Everything was fitting together nicely and no unsewing needed to be done. Sure wish I could say that was true for the entire day. But alas, there were some errors in the directions, possibly just the orientation of some blocks in a diagram, but boy did they create havoc on my quilt! I ripped and restitched and ripped some more and restitched and kept comparing my top to the diagrams and things just weren't working out right. Agh!

Finally I chucked the diagrams and instructions and just layed everything out on the floor until I liked the way it looked. I'm not really sure what it was supposed to look like, but mine looks like this.


Rose Marie said...

I like your top and how the smaller squares are mixed in. It's a good thing that you realized there was a problem and did the layout your way. I've never participated in a mystery quilt as I just like to see what the end would look like first.

Rose said...

I really like the way this turned out is something I never would have thought of!