Sunday, November 16, 2008

Update of yesterday's progress

I feel the need to apologize for the lack of photos yesterday. I got so caught up in getting something done that I forgot to come back and add some in. So, I will get us caught up as far as I can. I need some better lighting conditions before I can take photos of the most complete progress.

About the swap blocks I am working with this weekend. I used to participate with a couple of MSN quilting groups. And I did quite a few block swaps with my on-line friends. However, I made very few quilts from the blocks I swapped. So I have blocks for at least seven quilts sitting around my sewing space. And I have at least three quilt tops made up of swap blocks that need to be finished. Mind you, I am just counting what I can think of from memory; there could very likely be more. Anyways, I came to the realization that I needed to get off-line and into my sewing room to finish some quilts.

These are the blocks I have chosen to work with this weekend.

I played around on EQ and came settled on a couple setting ideas for my blocks and this is what I decided on.

This is for the group of blocks on the left of the block photo I showed above. The greyish looking border is supposed to be a black/white check, but it is not reading as such in the picture.

And this is for the other group of blocks I have in the first photo.

Of course, even the best of plans sometimes need to be tweaked. And that is exactly what I have to do with my first quilt top. Once I was ready to put on the final border, I wasn't happy with the effect I was getting from either of two fabrics that I could have used. Here is what I had.

I felt the top fabric (the large checker board) was too busy and the bottom fabric was too greyed out looking. So I went back to EQ and made a small change in design. I will show the completed top in my next post.


Vicki said...

OOH, love the blocks. I think your settings are great. I cant wait to see what you choose for your border.