Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hiding away in my cool basement sewing room...

...because it is really hot and humid here. And we don't have air conditioning. :( So my choices to beat the heat include sitting in the pool or in my sewing room. Consequently, I'm getting a few things accomplished quilt-wise.

Remember the scrappy zigzag top from last post? Well, here's what it looks like now that it is done. (The three dark straight lines going across the top half of it are shadows from the clothesline.)

I am calling it my Ode to Charlie Brown, because the zigzags remind me of his shirts. I used a couple different pieces of fabric on the back. Here's a peek at that, too.

Plus, I'm happy thrilled to report that I am in the process of putting the binding on the quilted sweatshirt jacket. Too bad it is going to be too big for me when it's done. No new pic of that one just yet.

And now, out to the pool.


Teresa said...

Very nice job on those quilts.

a good yarn said...

It looks terrific and I love how you have pieced the backing. Nice work all round! Stay cool...Ann :)