Monday, June 22, 2009

Ketchup weekend, Design Wall Monday and other fun

This past weekend was a Ketchup weekend organized by Pat Sloan. I do not have any block of the months started that I needed to get caught up with, but I did have something I wanted to make. So I got to work on a quilted sweatshirt jacket. I made some good progress, but still have a ways to go.
Here is what I have so far.

I'm not sure I like it, but I will wait until I'm finished to form my final opinion.

Judy L. has been doing a feature called Design Wall Monday, where she shows what is on her wall and shares links to other quilter's blogs and design walls. I think it is fun to see what other quilters are working on, so I decided to share the state of my design wall today.

Here's a peek at what I'm playing with this week.

These are nine-patch blocks from some swaps I did a couple years ago. I made one quilt with my swap blocks last year. And I had all but about about a dozen of the black/white setting blocks needed for this one already made. So I whipped those up and am now ready to make up the quilt top. I will probably shuffle the nine-patches around a bit, until I like the balance before I start stitching them together.

And speaking of playing with swap blocks, this is what came off my wall before I put up the nine-patches. I swapped these blocks last year with some internet friends. The swap did not result in a lot of blocks, and I was going to make more so I could get a decent sized quilt. But, I am really trying to finish things, so I put my blocks up on the wall just to see what I could do with them. The result is a small quilt top, probably a good baby quilt size. It works for me, so I'm going with it.

The block pattern for this one came from Bonnie over at Quiltville. I chose this setting for the blocks, but there are so many great ways to play with them for different looks.


Quilter Kathy said...

You have a very exciting design wall there! Lots of beautiful quilts in progress! I have a lot of 9 patch blocks hanging around here too from exchanges in years gone by...I love your layouts...both the one you already finished and the one you are working on!

Judy said...

You do have an exciting wall! I have a jacket I made but only wear it at home. I like it but...
Isn't the design wall great??? I love putting things up and then leaving them only to come back and move things around and around. I finally have to tell myself to stop playing and start sewing. :)
I like the setting for your string blocks. I have a stack of those too but not enough to do anything with yet.

Shannon said...

I especially like the second quilt and that you are making it work so that you can finish.

a good yarn said...

Wow! Fantastic design wall show. Both quilts look amazing. Ann :)

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love your zigzag quilt. You have such a way with color. I love the scrappy look. I'm going to have to try that one.

West Michigan Quilter said...

I just saw that you got your wooly flowers done. I love that border. It is beautiful!!!