Sunday, March 2, 2008

Quiltathon weekend

This weekend, I am participating in a quiltathon. I had hopes of getting so much accomplished. It has been ages since I have done any quilting. And the quiltathon was just the push I needed. Unfortunately for me, this also coincides with temporary empty nest syndrome at home. And my husband is suddenly available and anxious to spend some quality time with me. I'm not complaining, I love my husband and it is great to spend time with him. It just leaves me with much less progress to report in on my quilting.

Friday night was strip club at The Wooden Spool. I chose to continue working on my January strip quilt and skip February's pattern. For those of you who read last month's post, I am quite embarrassed to admit that I could probably bring it again this month and have plenty to do. At this point, I have about half of my block units assembled.

Sigh. This is even after I returned to The Wooden Spool yesterday for open sewing time. Any delusions of my being a speedy sewer have now disappeared. Maybe I can partly blame the terrible cold I have...but probably not.

I did spend a bit of my open sewing time working on my buck-a-block quilt. I made the last block and finished sewing the rows together. So now I just need to add some outer borders and it will be a completed flimsy.

And Flo acted up and demanded my attention when she started skipping stitches. Nothing like taking apart a featherweight in the middle of a quilt shop during open sewing to get some people panicking. But alas, I did find a thread stuck under the hook and was able to remove it and fix the issue.

So my progress so far includes the completion of half my strip quilt blocks and the buck-block top is assembled and ready for borders.

I have also been working some on a challenge quilt I am doing with Quilts Your Way forums. The only thing I can show you right now is the challenge fabric we are all using.

This is a bit out of my normal comfort zone in terms of colors and style. And I have designed a quilt that will require me to use some new techniques as well. At this point I have the design sketched out, the fabrics chosen and prepped, and some of the cutting done. But since I can't show pics, I have decided to spend the remainder of my stitching time today working on my strip quilt blocks. Stay tuned for more . I'm headed back to my machine now.


The Calico Cat said...

That strip joint is a cool block... Kind of like a buzz saw... Buzz saw has been on my "todo" list for far too long....

Quilt Nut said...

oh i love your Thangles quilt! i'm just putting one together now(from last year) and i'm doing two for this year