Monday, May 24, 2010

Design wall May 24

I am settling on a plain border for this one due to a lack of extra fabrics. This top is only half the size it was intended to be. There was some confusion in the cutting instructions and I cut half of my blocks incorrectly. So, I decided to salvage the project as best I could by making two smaller quilts. This one has the blocks cut the correct size. I plan to start making the rest of the blocks, slightly smaller, today.

Edited: Here are the completed blocks. They spin in the opposite direction, giving this quilt a totally different look. :)

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Teresa said...

I can see where the cutting could be confusing, as the blocks look very complicated. Sure is a pretty quilt though.

Diane said...

very pretty!

a good yarn said...

Despite the issues you have triumphed and now have two very striking quilts. I would not have been confident enough to attempt such a challenging project. Ann :-)

Barb in Mi said...

Love the 2nd version!