Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nobody Blink!

Because if you blink, you might miss it. The hampers are empty!!!! Plus, I want to catch that dirty laundry troll in the act.
Spent all day doing laundry yesterday. No surprise there, right? But, I was having one of my "can't sleep" episodes last night, so I did a little sewing. And now I will need to do a little ripping.
I decided to work on Matt's quilt since I was up anyway. I need to make some star blocks that are part of a border. And I have no experience with this particular block. I should have known better than to attempt it on little sleep. Still, I was surprisingly insightful in my sleepy state.
I tried to piece it in the order that I thought made sense. It went together ok, but there was a lot of room for improvement. Then I thought to see if there was anything in my Judy Martin Stars and Sets software that could help me. Sure enough, I found a block that was similar. And it had a piecing diagram. Yes! I tried the next block using that method and it was so much easier! I just love Judy Martin and her instructions! The only downside is that it spins my block in the opposite direction from the first block I made. Sigh. So I will now rip apart the first block and restitch it using my new and improved method. Later!


Debi said...

Fantastic, no laundry...I don't think my hampers are every empty!