Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The search is over

My current project has been both a test and a challenge. It was intended to be made using left-over strips from a previous project along with some fabrics pulled from my stash. That was supposed to be the challenge. And it started out that way. I designed the top in a manner that enabled me to use what I had available. And the pieceful life was good. Until my son decided he liked it and wanted it for his bed.

Unfortunately, the quilt I designed is only 72" square. Which makes it a nice lap quilt, but not really big enough for a bed. Clearly I would have to enlarge it. But, now I have already used up the fabrics I had for the top. And they were left overs from a quilt I made in 2006, so there was little hope of finding more of the fabrics I would have liked more of. And I have nothing in my stash that worked with the quilt as it is. I would have to buy some more fabric.

It only took me an entire day and stops at five stores, but I think I found something that works. Here is the top in it's current state, minus the newly acquired fabric.


Rose said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Jane, this is beautiful. You are so talented. I hope to see it once you've added the other fabric. Caroll