Friday, February 12, 2010

Checking In

I had the best intentions, as usual, of getting a lot of sewing done today. But then I felt the need to try snow dyeing some fabric, since we have plenty of snow. So, I spent the morning making the dye solutions and prepping my fabrics and setting up a few containers of fabric and snow.

Here's a peek at around noon,after I got everything set. I have been waiting somewhat impatiently for the snow to melt. These are sitting in my garage in an area that is heated, but it is still pretty cool and the melting process is going slowly. This is what it looked like about an hour ago. I am just starting to get peeks of the fabric showing through the snow. I'm thinking it will be tomorrow before I have pictures of the finished fabric.

I did eventually make it into the sewing room. And I have made a little progress. This my February UFO with two of the borders on and the third being previewed.

But, I decided I don't care for that border. So I try another one.

I like this much better, and I think that first try will make a nice binding instead.

I am heading back down to try to get the binding on my mini-basket ready for hand finishing tonight.


a good yarn said...

I've never heard of snow dying - how amazing! I think the you have made a good choice re your borders and bindings. Cheers Ann :-)